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argh, where did my disclaimer go? k, basically i'm not elijah wood, nor for that matter hannah wood, though we do share a common given name. i also am not hannah from s club 7. blah, blah, blah, you know the drill

I am so darned angsty.
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4.12 well, hullo there. so much has been going on...*han's brain in overload* well, the rotk world premiere was in wellington on monday...lij was on leno tonight/last night/wotever...all this you know...ermmm...however...i will give you...

premiere links
nz premiere pics at bagendinn some v funneh ones...check out viggo licking billeh *snork*
la premiere pics at bagendinn *le sigh* that boy is trying to kill me, more stripey suits!! *goes gaagaa*
interview vids from nz *squee!*
bruce hopkins' photos link courtesy of torn and bagendinn

royd tolkien
okies, so royd tolkien would be the great-grandson of the professor himself. he's recently emerged into the limelight and now has a new website (*whispers* he's purty too!). you can also find an interesting article about him here. be sure to look for him in rotk! and thanks to sillimarilli of the lotr netscape board, or as i refer to it, my second home...umm on the internet...*confused*

hannah's cameo
ermmm, apparently hannah wood, lij's sis, was in ttt! had no idea, and quite frankly, didn't believe it at first. however, you can find two screencaps of hannah as a rohan refugee at a&f under the november 28 updates.

i like his stink
likely you will all think me weird for posting this...however, since when do i care about that? *snigger* so anyways, nolla reported via the elijah exchange yahoo group, that elijah smells very good...actually a lot of peeps have been saying this recently, be it at collectormania, or the new zealand premiere, as per nolla's experience. however, nolla went one step further and did some cologne shopping; she believes the source of his good stink to be hugo dark blue cologne. *sniffle* went to wal-mart today and only found regular hugo...am disappointed...

premiere mag
yeah, so i'm sure most of you have seen the scans or bought the magazine already (or dug it out of a rubbish bin in an act of desperation *cough*), but for those of you with your head in the sand, go see elijah with another gay scarf on (i mean that in a good way ;) ). go now.

let the rotk media blitz begin...

lij's skank tossed the pooh to orli's skank @ 5:31 am

*later* oops forgot to mention...

viggo's new album!!

it's called pandemoniumfromamerica and features lij, dom and billy! they're all awesome, singing, speaking, and playing a variety of instruments. if you'd like to hear a sample, check out bagendinn for the last track, under the 11/23 updates (it's *hilarious*, dom and elijah wrote and performed). if you're interested in buying the cd, you can do so at travis dickerson recording studios or perceval press.

actual site updates yeah, as in updates to the site and not just news and links. shocking, isn't it? anyways, there's a submission form for the cast/crew lotr mix cds, as well as a link to the current lists, located under the tigboard to the right. i've also added a 'search' feature, exclusive to the site (*note, even later* though it appears not to be working...arggh i'll figure it out when i'm awake), and updated the counter code. you wouldn't believe how much effort it took. *eep!* also took down the link to kimmie's now nonexistent site *sniffle* and replaced it with one to ira's blog! yay!

15/11 hahahah hannah has news no one else has yet!! beuh haha!! *hannah pleased* elijah recently visited the set of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban! woohoo!! go lij! anyways, this is an excerpt from a set report at hp4u:

The day before we visited Elijah Wood was there having a look around the set, I doubt we'll be seeing him in any HP films, but wish we could have said well done for the LOTR work.

sweet! that's my boy! *dances around* okay, back to hiding.

lij's skank tossed the pooh to orli's skank @ 6:43 am

*later* hisss bagginsss liessss!! read a little further in that set report and you'll see there is indeed quidditch in the next film? okay, who's been telling me the fibs?

23/10 alright, too much parp piling up *not* to update. hehehe so on to the news...

hooligans so lijy's gonna be a film with the hotness known as charlie hunnam from nicholas nickleby and upcoming cold mountain. it's about football hooligans (gee wish lijy would actually *play* football. that would be hott :P) you can find more info here and here

rotk soundtrack ooooo omg i love torn for posting this!! there's this lovely scan of an article about the rotk soundtrack- apparently, billeh sings on it! as does viggo! i'm only assuming they're singing as they both do and are listed as performing on tracks. also, sir james galway performs on several tracks *hears the crickets* okay, so that's only interesting to me, but still, he's on the grey havens track! weee!! anyways, check it out!

awards wow our boys have been busy! and are v popular! well, first up, pj won the visionary award at the gq men of the year awards! woohoo!! what's more, orli presented it to him! yea! viggo and sir ian mckellan were nominated as well, from what i hear (any other lotr actors?! torn is confusing :P) and orlando was presented with an award for best breakthough actor at the hollywood film festival. congrats orli! (pics from the event can be found at bagendinn) also everyone's already got oscar buzz! let's hope this year our boys get some more attention! here's an interesting article about oscar predictions!

*yawn* hannah tired now *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

lij's skank tossed the pooh to orli's skank @ 4:27 am

8/9 k, so i deleted some dead links. on to the important stuff...

omgomgomgomgomgogmogmgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!! so, i was on torn earlier, and guess wot?!! (tho you prolly already know ;) ). on sept. 19th it's rumoured that the rotk trailer will be premiering with new line release, secondhand lions, on sept 19th!! the word is shelob will be shown in the trailer!! this is from a pretty reliable source, so let's hope he's got it right. *jumps up and down* if you'd like to see the original post, go here.

new seanwise film? got this tidbit from bagendinn. according to imdb seanwise is supposed to be playing h.g. wells (!!!) in an upcoming film called mark twain's greatest adventure: 'it's a matter of time', set for a 2004 release.

lij in teen vogue lij appears in the oct/nov issue of teen vogue (us). he can be found on pg. 56, in an article called 'growing up hollywood' (about child actors). and to think i bought it cos it had jake on the cover!

some photos tommorrow, mebbe some scans and housecleaning.

lij's skank tossed the pooh to orli's skank @ 3:43 am

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